We met in Hollywood...

We first met in July 2011 when we were out with mutual friends at the nightclub "My House."  The more our friend group became entwined, the more we began seeing each other out and about.  A couple months later, Danny moved across the street from me, and we began spending time together one on one without the whole group.  From there it didn't take long to become inseparable.

We fell in love going to see DJ's we liked, and thanks to Danny's ever-lasting obsession with creating mixtapes (aka datamixes), he has introduced me to more new artists than I can count.  He also got me to watch (and usually enjoy) all of the award-winning movies and TV series that I have been missing out on but never cared much about, and this is important considering he is an actor.  He even got me into working out for the first time in my life, and fitness is now something that will be important to both of us forever.  I knew it was love when I was able to get him to go on hikes, travel to random places, and watch a reality show with me here and there :)  Today some of our favorite things to do together besides cooking and working out are going to the beach, the farmers market, and of course a good happy hour.

Our lives have completely merged over the past seven years, so although we already feel "married" for the most part, we are so excited to make it official and share a celebration of our love with all of our family and friends!


Styled photography on this page provided by Fatima Elreda.